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"You want to know where arrogance and
overconfidence gets you? Right up the path to
Grave's scythe! Look at what happened to Seht if
you don't believe me!"
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Name: Seht
Dimension of Origin: Demon
Descendant of: Rekshanuu and Le'Asha
Morality: Evil

Also Known As: Patron God of Deceivers

The youngest son of Rekshanuu and Le'Asha, Seht was an
arrogant God who delighted in killing and taking tokens from
those that fell to his claws. In his mortal form, Seht would wear
the fur of Raveen Kats he had killed over the years. He was
frozen in the lake in Demon Valley, and released when the CotO
stumbled upon the sealed Dishonoured.

For years he threatened, killed, and devoured those unfortunate
enough to meet him.

When the Shades rose and attacked the Dishonoured, Seht
welcomed the thrill of challenge. He charged into battle, seeking
to kill and destroy as many Shades as he could; only to find that
his powers had no effect upon them. His claws, useless.

It was the first and last time Seht felt fear, as a Shade (Grave)
brought an end to Seht.

He was the first Lower God to fall to the Shades.
Greater Gods/Divine Descendants

Inner Dimension
Uunka, Thyuus, Kuurahn, Mileeta

Demon/Mystic Dimension;

Belief Dimension;
Maduu, Shaduun
Lower Gods
Inner Dimension
Kuunanrah, Nebuula, Harp, Shimara

Central Dimension;

Outer Dimension;
Chalice, Otathuus

Demon/Mystic Dimension;
Masai, Kiruuna, Seht

Belief Dimension;

Planetary Dimension;
Unknown/See Inner Dimension.

Narduutha, Nitara