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"A Lower God dies in the early ages of the
Dimension War, and then gets pulled back to life
by his Father. Strange how Rekshanuu never
brought Seht back that way."
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Name: Masai
Dimension of Origin: Demon
Descendant of: Rekshanuu and Le'Asha
Morality: Neutral-Evil

Also Known As: Patron God of the Dead

The ruler of the Realm of the Dead, Masai is a Lower God who
was killed and brought back by his Father. While the details of
Masai's original death are unclear, many stories seem to point at
Masai having been killed by Kuunanrah during the Dimension

Since his resurrection, Masai was reduced to looking like a
living corpse and having his powers shifted to reigning solely
over those who were already dead. Undeads and Rebornes fall
beneath his control, and he rules over the world found beyond
the Death Gate.

Masai is not like his siblings, or those who follow his Father's
rule. He prefers to keep a low profile, barely speaking in his odd
echoing voice. But wherever Masai is, one will always see an
endless expanse of bats lying in wait.

After the death of his brother (Seht), Masai became even more
elusive. His current whereabouts are uknown; some believe he's
gone to the Realm of the Dead, where he awaits the day when
the Shades will no longer be a threat.
Greater Gods/Divine Descendants

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Maduu, Shaduun
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Narduutha, Nitara