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"The Children of the Orcle used to look up to
Harp. She used to help them overcome most of
their stuggles, then things happened, and Harp
fell in love."
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Name: Harp
Dimension of Origin: Inner
Descendant of: Dartuusa and Orcle
Morality: Good

Also Known As: Matron Goddess of Light and Guidance
Planet of Rule: Ice Plains

Young in her mannerisms and appearance, Harp is a
free-spirited Lower God who used to interact often with those of
the Ice Plains. She was able to see glimpses of events before
they would transpire, so would often set out to help those who
were about to be in need. Arriving before any trouble had
began, Harp would usually derail a tragic event from
happening, or lessen the damage caused by it.

She fell in love with a mortal (Sliduur) and began to forsake her
divine duties in lieu of protecting the one who held her heart.
This caused her to get entangled with the Great Evil
(Neiarishta) time and time again as Sliduur was a blessed male
who had the ability to seal and purify evil.

By the time the Shades had begun to rise, Harp had already
mostly abandoned her divine throne. She had a son (Thyuus),
and sought to raise him in a world without the threat of the
Shades. But like all things wished for on a whim; it was not to be.

Harp was dragged back to the God Realm by her eldest Brother
(Kuunanrah), and has been stuck there ever since the Shades
closed the Inner Dimension off to it.

Her chosen mate and son were left to fend for themselves in a
world that would come to know great wars. And Harp could
only watch from afar, and pray that someday she'd be able to
return to them.
Greater Gods/Divine Descendants

Inner Dimension
Uunka, Thyuus, Kuurahn, Mileeta

Demon/Mystic Dimension;

Belief Dimension;
Maduu, Shaduun
Lower Gods
Inner Dimension
Kuunanrah, Nebuula, Harp, Shimara

Central Dimension;

Outer Dimension;
Chalice, Otathuus

Demon/Mystic Dimension;
Masai, Kiruuna, Seht

Belief Dimension;

Planetary Dimension;
Unknown/See Inner Dimension.

Narduutha, Nitara