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"The fiercest Lower God you'll ever cross paths
with; Kuunanrah is not known for his kindness
nor for his sense of mercy. Hell, he locked his
own Brother away for millenias."
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Name: Kuunanrah
Dimension of Origin: Inner
Descendant of: Dartuusa and Orcle
Morality: Neutral

Also Known As: Patron God of Judgement and Strength
Planet of Rule: Fire Plains

The eldest son of Orcle and Dartuusa, Kuunanrah is known for
being the first Battlemaster. He is a fierce character, one who
judges others based on their past actions and what future paths
they may choose to take.

Kuunanrah is not known for being a forgiving individual. Those
who cross him are never left with a chance to redeem
themselves; and descendants of those who cross Kunnanrah
never forget the God's wrath.

It is known that in the past he locked his own Brother (Nebuula)
away because his Brother was deemed "too weak" to control his
own powers. After Nebuula was freed from his prison, it's
unclear whether the two brothers ever made up or if their
relationship is strained.

The ruler of the Fire Plains, Kuunanrah oversees the world
where Elemental Magics are most prominent. To those who
follow him, he is seen as a strong leader that will lead them to
victory in any war.

While the Shades have closed off the God Realm, there are still
reports of sightings of Kuunanrah in recent years -- leading one
to suspect that, unlike the other Gods, Kuunanrah is not trapped
in the God Realm.
Greater Gods/Divine Descendants

Inner Dimension
Uunka, Thyuus, Kuurahn, Mileeta

Demon/Mystic Dimension;

Belief Dimension;
Maduu, Shaduun
Lower Gods
Inner Dimension
Kuunanrah, Nebuula, Harp, Shimara

Central Dimension;

Outer Dimension;
Chalice, Otathuus

Demon/Mystic Dimension;
Masai, Kiruuna, Seht

Belief Dimension;

Planetary Dimension;
Unknown/See Inner Dimension.

Narduutha, Nitara