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"His tale is a tragic one. Whispers of betrayal
and imprisonment; if there were any Gods who
had reason to turn bad, Nebuula had them in
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Name: Nebuula
Dimension of Origin: Inner
Descendant of: Dartuusa and Orcle
Morality: Neutral

Also Known As: Patron God of Balance and Suffering
Planet of Rule: Rock/Shard Plains

Born with unstable powers to purify and corrupt, Nebuula was
not even given the chance to try and find a balance with his own
gifts. There had been no one within his family who could
understand how to control them, no one to teach him. He
struggled for many years, tried with everything he had within
him to hold on to control. But it was for naught.

The moment his powers began to kill, his Brother (Kuunanrah)
and his Mother (Orcle) had him sealed away on one of the three
moons of the Ice Plains.

He was freed by the most unlikely of sorts -- a group of
Domestic Raveen Kats who stumbled upon his prison. In a tragic
twist, the centuries of seclusion from the world had helped
Nebuula control his powers and find a sanity that was
unobtainable before.

Though he remained wary of his Brother, and Mother, Nebuula
went on to watch over the Shard Plains until the day Rekura's
War killed everyone upon it. It is said that Nebuula threw
himself into exile for failing to protect them; but nothing is
certain. Nebuula has not been seen in the last several centuries.

Rumours suggest that Nebuula and Aokaasi had a relationship
before he was sealed away, and that they had a son (Uunka).
But other rumours hint at the relationship having been between
Nebuula and Balancia. There is no proof to either claim.
Greater Gods/Divine Descendants

Inner Dimension
Uunka, Thyuus, Kuurahn, Mileeta

Demon/Mystic Dimension;

Belief Dimension;
Maduu, Shaduun
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Inner Dimension
Kuunanrah, Nebuula, Harp, Shimara

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Chalice, Otathuus

Demon/Mystic Dimension;
Masai, Kiruuna, Seht

Belief Dimension;

Planetary Dimension;
Unknown/See Inner Dimension.

Narduutha, Nitara