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"I hear Alkath is worse than Neiarishta. At least
the Great Evil's minions didn't run in fear of her
name like Alkath's do!"
Name: Alkath
Dimension of Rule: Abyss
Morality: Neutral?

Also Known As: God of Damnation

For all that is known about Alkath, he might as well still be an
unknown God. Arriving in the Godrealm after the rising of the
Shades, Alkath was at first believed to have been a minion of
the Shades. His very nature of brutality left some Gods -- Orcle,
Voodoo, Doviuun, and Ciohd -- wondering about his intentions.

His Dimension has since joined the Alliance to help fight against
the Shades; yet it is an odd affair. For those of the Abyss
Dimension do not talk of their homeland, and in fact, seem to
cower beneath the name of Alkath.

For whatever the reasons, the Abyss Dimension is not
welcoming to outsiders. The portals are only open to Abyss
Dimensions, and indeed, not even Travellers seem willing to
travel to a place that is as obscured as Alkath's Order.
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