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"Shuuzariko is beautiful. At least, that's what I
hear. I've never actually see the God of Plagues,
and I'm not sure I really want to if what I hear
about his power is true.."
Name: Shuuzariko
Dimension of Rule: Plague
Morality: Neutral

Also Known As: God of Sickness and Plagues

One of two Gods who made themselves known after the second
coming of the Shades, Shuuzariko is a mysterious individual.
Androgynous in looks, Shuuzariko uses his perceived beauty to
put others at ease, even though he has no shame in telling others
of his true nature. He is the God of Plagues, a Demon who
spreads sickness throughout the worlds. He has caused the
death of countless mortals, and will continue to do so
throughout time.

With a snakelike smile, and an apparent fondness for the
reptiles, Shuuzariko slithers through the darkness of intrigue
and mystery.

Some Deities still distrust Shuuzariko, mainly for his ill-timed
arrival in the Godrealm. His sudden appearance alongside
Alkath led many to believe the Plague Dimension was a place
infested with Shade Minions. While no proof to either destroy
the claim or prove it has been brought forth, over the centuries
many have come to trust Shuuzariko and those of the Plague
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