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"She was the beacon of light. But whether that
light was shinning brightly or fading fast
depended on who was looking."
Name: Orcle (OR-KEL)
Dimension of Rule: Inner
Morality: Good

Also Known As: Goddess of Life

Orcle is the Goddess of the Inner Dimension, she is known best
for having dual-coloured eyes. (One is blue, the other red.) She
is a peaceful divinity, cherishing all forms of life and avoiding
causing undue harm. Many look to Orcle when in need of
healing or forgiveness, for they believe that it is through Orcle
that the blessings of life are received.

There will forever remain a dark spot in Orcle's history,
however, as in the past she allowed her grief over the loss of
Dartuusa to dictate her actions. This period of time is often not
remember fondly, as it led to countless Dimensional Wars and
was likely the source of the distrust between the Dimensions.  
(Not knowing who had killed Dartuusa, Orcle blamed anyone
and everyone who showed even a hint of guilt.)

She eventually overcame her grief, but it was to a world that
was changed by new prejudices. It would not be until the arrival
of the Shades when the Deities would be forced to trust each
other once more.

Very rarely is she ever seen anymore; her presence only a faint
trace upon the Inner Dimension. Many believe the cause of this
to be the Shade's presence stifling the Godrealm's influence.
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