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"No one knows what she was like before
Rekshanuu corrupted her, but I imagine she was
just as scary back then..."
Name: Le'Asha
Dimension of Rule: Mystic
Morality: Neutral-Evil

Also Known As: Goddess of Warfare and Mysticism

In the time before anyone can remember, Le'Asha was once a
fae. An immortal tasked with protecting the natural order of the
natural and mystical elements of the worlds. She attracted the
attention of Rekshanuu, and the demon God slowly began to
twist and corrupt Le'Asha until she was no longer recognizable
to her kin.

She became a brutal master of warfare and magic; her powers
now being used to destroy and cripple, instead of protecting and

It is believed that Le'Asha destroyed her kin and that was the
catalyst for her complete corruption at Rekshanuu's hands.

A Goddess who kills without thought of mercy, Le'Asha became
the most notoriously unforgiving Goddess; made worse when
Orcle's Army destroyed the Mystic Dimension. She has never
forgiven the Inner Dimensionals for the death they brought her
Order, and she and her followers were all too willing to aid the
Dishonoured in their killings.

When the Mystic Dimension was restored, Le'Asha still refused
to forgive and forget. Even having her Order being a part of the
Alliance, Le'Asha still awaits the day when she can reap in the
destruction of all that is precious to Orcle.

She has three children with Rekshanuu.
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