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"She's the eldest daughter of the Great Evil; of
course she's not going to be all smiles and
promises of good fortune. You ever get her help,
you better hope you don't mess it up."
Name: Nemaririshta
Dimension of Rule: Outer
Morality: Neutral-Evil

Also Known As: Goddess of Chaos and Storms

Descending from the line of Evil, Nemaririshta is at first a
demon-herald and a Deity second. Born to an unknown father,
Nemaririshta is the firstborn daughter of the Great Evil
(Neiarishta), and sister to Nilerna and Heiroke.

She wasn't always outwardly evil in her actions or responses to
situations. For millenias Nemaririshta had a cool, calm
approach to matters. She was allied with Orcle, and even
allowed her Dimension to have a constant connection to the
Inner Dimension. The two Goddesses were inseparable, akin to
sisters, until the time when the Great Evil was apparently sealed
away by Yinali.

Her blood loyalty came first in everything; Nemaririshta spoke
out against the treatment of the Demons (Natural and
Aggressor) after the Great Evil's disappearance. Many saw this
as an act of betrayal, including Orcle, and Nemaririshta
violently ripped the seams between her Dimension and the Inner
Dimension; isolating them from one another again.

Ever since, ties between the Inner and Outer Dimension have
been strained. The death of Dartuusa caused Orcle to raise an
army against all the Dimensions, and the Outer Dimension was
not spared this insult. Many were killed in the ensuing wars, and
trust was never fully achieved again after that.

Those that remained in the Inner Dimension during these times,
or went on to live in the world of the "murderers", were later
seen as disloyal followers of Nemaririshta. She called all her
Order back to her Dimension, cut off all ties with Orcle's
Dimension, and punished those who failed to see the truths of

The Outer Dimension has always been a safe haven for Demons,
and those of a darker, more brutal nature. The law of the Outer
Dimension -- the law of Nemaririshta -- is that only the strong
may survive. And Loyalty without sacrifice is not loyalty at all.

Weakness in blood, or weakness in mind, were never accepted
within her Order.

The threat of the Shades brought about a truce between the
Inner and Outer Dimensions; but the alliance is strained.
Tainted by the likelihood of not being a lasting treaty. One can
be certain that without the Shades, Nemaririshta and her
followers would still view the Inners as betrayers not to be

A couple centuries ago, Nemaririshta came back into her full
power; causing her physical appearance to change and her
power levels to spike. Though no one knows the reasons why,
ever since, Nemaririshta has been allowing her Order to call her
by her True Name -- a sign that means she's broken the
restraints, and has no fear of being controlled by outside forces

Nemaririshta takes an active role in leading her Order, and can
still to this day be found in various areas of the Outer Dimension.
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