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"We thought she died gloriously taking down the
Great Evil. We were wrong. She actually
betrayed us all instead."
Name: Yinali
Dimension of Rule: Belief
Morality: Unknown

Formerly Known As: Goddess of Faith
Now Known As: Goddess of Deceit and Falsehood

Yinali is the Goddess of the Belief Dimension, who in the days of
old was believed to have died shortly after her Dimension
merged with the Inner Dimension. In the time of the Great Evil's
first reign, Yinali was a known opposer to all that Neiarishta
stood for. They were enemies. Destined to spill the blood of one

They met upon a battlefield, their followers fighting around
them. They all watched as Yinali and the Great Evil perished in
the ensuing battle; nothing but a corrupted tree left in their ruin.

The three moons of the Inner Dimension were named in her
honour; Yi, Na, and Li.

It wouldn't be until five centuries later when it was revealed that
the Great Evil had simply been sent away, and not killed. That
both Neiarishta and Yinali had been existing at the God Temple
all this time. Neither dead, instead having been waiting for the
right moment to reveal themselves.

They brought war to the Inner Dimension; Demons leaving a
trail of death over the landscape of Orcle's Isle, until the battle
of Thunder Valley when Yinali attempted -- and perhaps
succeeded -- at reentering the Godrealm through Thunder's

Since that time, Yinali and her Order have been seen as
traitorous fiends. Some hunted and killed simply for being of the
Belief Dimension.

The Shades brought them a common enemy, but even this seems
to have not been enough to completely undo the damage caused
by Yinali's betrayal.
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