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"She could've done a lot more in the fight
against the Void, but Voodoo's passive nature led
to her downfall. She's now a symbol of why its
important to fight."
Name: Voodoo
Dimension of Rule: Central
Morality: Neutral

Also Known As: Goddess of Secrets

The ruler of the Central Dimension, Voodoo is a known master
of the magics and twister of the laws of physics. Her very realm
defies anything the other Dimensions believe in; her societies
living beneath the clear breathable waters of her Dimension,
where vast citadels and structures of white crystal remain
untouched by time.

Nothing lives above the surface in the Central Dimension except
for Voodoo. She watches over her own Dimension, taking a
neutral stance on most things. It is from her passive nature that
she foolishly allowed for the Void, led by Heiroke, to invade the
Central Dimension some 800 years prior to the current time line.

It was during this invasion that the Void took over and infected
the Central Dimension, tearing its skies to bits and replacing the
once glorious shades of vibrant golds with the fiery star expanse
of the Void. Voodoo was seemingly killed by Heiroke, stabbed
through her chest by Heiroke's scythe.

After that the Central Dimension fell to Heiroke's influence, and
only the Lower Divinity (Balancia) was left in charge of a
ravaged realm. It was not until the threat of the Shades arose
that Voodoo revealed that she had not been killed, but silenced
by Heiroke's attack. She was now nothing more than an
immortal watcher; stripped of her power and left barren.

Unable to influence her world anymore, Voodoo is just a faint
trace of what used to be. A tragic tale of regrets.
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