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"Nilerna seems like the type who would stab you
in the back just to see how you'd react. Perhaps
even count the time it takes for you to bleed out
and die."
Name: Nilerna
Dimension of Rule: Hate
Morality: Neutral-Evil

Also Known As: Goddess of Discourse

Not much is known about Nilerna. The solitary Goddess of the
Hate Dimension is an elusive and impassive figure. With her
Dimension carrying the name of Hate one would assume Nilerna
was a raging beast of a creature; but she is oddly detached from
the feeling of emotions.

The second Daughter of Neiarishta, younger sister to
Nemaririshta, and elder sister to Heiroke. Nilerna is part of the
legacy of the Great Evil, yet the only one of the three sisters
whom has not laid siege to other Dimensions.

In the past some have mistaken Nilerna's impassive visage as a
mask; thinking the Goddess of Discourse a powerless entity.
They attempted to usurp her from her Dimension, attacking her
followers and spreading into the boundaries of Hate with the
intent to destroy her. But they came to discover that Nilerna and
her Order were anything but powerless.

Her followers live in a world that is violent and dangerous. They
grow up either with strength, or die from their weakness. There
is no room for the weak willed in the Hate Dimension. No mercy
for those who falter.

In the time of the Shade's rising Nilerna's Order has joined the
Alliance, yet Nilerna herself remains impartial to the destruction
the Shades have brought with them. Her followers are likewise
disinterested in stopping the spreading chaos completely.
Holding it at bay, and out of their own Dimension, seems

Nilerna was only one of a handful of Deities who was suspicious
of the appearance of the Plague and Abyss Dimensions. Having
appeared after the arrival of the Shades, Nilerna believed them
to be Dimensions full of Shade minions.

She has since changed her opinion, or at least, many assume as
such as she has an unusual alliance formed with Shuuzariko now.
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