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"Her Dimension is made up of the discarded
things of other Dimensions. Ruins of civilizations
that have fallen in battles, and dreams that never
came true. No wonder Heiroke's messed up."
Name: Heiroke
Dimension of Rule: Void
Morality: Evil

Also Known As: Goddess of Ruin

One of the more well-known Deities, Heiroke is most known for
attacking other Dimensions and attempting to take them over.
She has laid siege to almost every Dimension - except for those
belonging to her sisters - and has successfully kidnapped Orcle
in the past, as well as stripped Voodoo of her Godhood and
forever tainted the Central Dimension.

There are a lot of things that Heiroke is responsible for, and
many believe, most of those things are only half of what she's
done. Seeming to not possess any sense of morality, Heiroke is
willing to destroy and corrupt without prejudice.

While the Void is a part of the Alliance, Heiroke has made it
known that once the threat of the Shades is over, she and her
Order fully intend to abolish the alliance.
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