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"Rekshanuu is the deity of the Demon
Dimension, and he lives up to his name as being
the most demonic bastard you'll ever meet."
Name: Rekshanuu
Dimension of Rule: Demon
Morality: Evil

Also Known As: God of Corruption and Fear

Rekshanuu was never the type of deity to know mercy, or show
it to anyone in his path. His Dimension suffered the most at the
hands of the Dimensional War, completely falling into the pit of
destruction beneath Orcle's Army. The only survivors of this
chaos were the Dishonoured, who Rekshanuu ensured remained
alive within the Inner Dimension -- where they hunted and killed
Inners in the name of revenge.

While the Demon Dimension was restored sometime after the
arrival of the Shades, Rekshanuu never returned to his
resurrected Dimension. It was left in ruins, to forever bare the
marks of it's former death.

Those of the Demon Dimension who were given life once again
had the choice of remaining in a ruined Dimension, or spreading
into other Dimensions. Most chose to leave, but a few chose to
remain in what was once their homeland. Even marred by
destruction and ruin, it was still Theirs.

Rekshanuu is a wholly corrupted God, a Demon who stole his
godhood by tricking a former deity into exchanging his
immortality for power. Rekshanuu killed the deity, took up his
mantle, and proclaimed himself a God.

He delights in corrupting others, watching them fall into their
own inner chaos and give into their darker desires. His own
mate, Le'Asha, was a former fae whom Rekshanuu took
pleasure in corrupting. While at first she remained his "prize",
the two have since formed some kind of bond that could almost
be called love.

Rekshanuu has three offspring; Masai, Kiruuna, and Seht. His
firstborne, Masai, was killed in the Dimensional Wars and
brought back by Rekshanuu. Centuries later, the Shades killed
Seht, and Rekshanuu refused to restore Seht to life.

His seeming heartless reaction to the death of his youngest is a
cause of confusion, and fear, among many. The question of why
Rekshanuu let Seht remain dead is one that has never been
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