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"He's the type to take anything in stride. And I
do mean anything! His Dimension was once
attacked, and he didn't lash out or declare war! I
wish all the Gods were as forgiving..."
Name: Doviuun
Dimension of Rule: Wish
Morality: Neutral-Good

Also Known As: God of Dreams and Impossibilities

One of the few male Gods, Doviuun is coveted as being a fair
leader of his Order. While he falls on the side of good, Doviuun
is known for having a neutral approach to things. He seems to
prefer understanding something first before passing judgement
on anything.

The Wish Dimension is found outside the main cluster of
Dimensions, existing on the fringe of creation where the Void,
Abyss and Plague Dimensions also lurk. For many millenias the
Wish Dimension was cut off from others,  allowing for Doviuun's
Order to blossom without knowing the taste of the Dimensional

While Doviuun is mostly an enigma to outsiders, it is known that
he shares an unusual friendship with Orcle. One that has led him
to, on more than one occasion, be mistaken for being her mate.
It is through their close sense of camaraderie that one may
assume Doviuun and Orcle share a past, and that perhaps
Doviuun knew Dartuusa as well.

Doviuun shares no ill-will with any of other Deities. Even having
his Dimension suffer through the "Curse Age", the by-product
of another God's trickery, Doviuun carried no ill-will towards
others from it.

An approachable God, many believe that Doviuun is one of only
a handful of deities that to this day still listen to the prayers of
their mortal followers.
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