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"There used to be thirteen Dimensions, and
thirteen Gods. There's not anymore. One of those
Dimensions, and one of those Gods, is gone
Name: Dartuusa
Dimension of Rule: Planetary
Morality: Unknown

Also Known As: ?

There is not much of anything known about Dartuusa; the only
supreme God to have been killed, and never seen again. His
entire Dimension was destroyed and lost to time, the very
memory of the Planetary Dimension and its God forgotten.

Dartuusa is a faceless spectre in history. Someone who existed,
but is not remembered by most. Many still do not even known
that the Planetary Dimension existed; and all that remains of
the Planetary bloodlines are what allow for Travellers to
teleport between Dimensions.

He was the mate of Orcle; the father of Kuunanrah, Nebuula,
Harp and Shimara.
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