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"Ciohd knew her place was never amongst her
followers, so she kept to herself. Whether that
was a good idea or not, well, that depends on
whether you liked her or not."
Name: Ciohd
Dimension of Rule: Power
Morality: Neutral Good

Also Known As: Goddess of Energy

An unusual spectre of a Goddess, Ciohd has no known name, no
known voice. She is called Ciohd after the Dimensions that
dwell within the reaches of the Power Dimension;  Central,
Inner, Outer, Hate, Demon. It is said that she held control over
each, some semblance of influence that could only be felt by
those of higher power.

Ciohd did not interact with her Dimension much. The vast scale
of the Power Dimension made it mostly inappropriate to seek
out any one race of creatures, as it would have seemed that she
was playing favourites with whomever she met with first. So she
remained inactive, a watcher who lived in the world but never
remained in one place for long.

Her followers respected her. Knew how she was a containment
of power and energies they could never hope to understand. But
they were wary of Ciohd just the same. Wondering why it was
that other Dimensions could hold claim to knowing their
Goddess, while they themselves could not.

Ciohd never gave them an answer.  And she never would, either.

She has been missing for years, possibly centuries. Ciohd's initial
disappearance was not noticed for some time, and when it
finally became clear that Ciohd had apparently deserted her
Dimension, her name was awash with blasphemy.

Deserter, traitor, unfaithful herald.

Though no truth is known, rumours say that Ciohd is not
missing. That she has not deserted her Dimension or society, but
that she was brutally cut down. The second Dimensional Deity
to die, and no knows if it's true.
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